Orange Theory releases second music video “Hang On Strongman, You’re Gonna Die”

Orange Theory

Jakarta-based alternative rock duo Orange Theory released its second music video “Hang On Strongman, You’re Gonna Die” on March 6, 2017. 

Directed by film maker Asaf Kharisma from Imaginary Moods, “Hang On Strongman, You’re Gonna Die” tells a story of “strong man” (played by Indonesian prominent artist Elano Gantiano) while in his life being rapacious and always in pursuit of power. He eventually dies with full of regret.

Elano’s portrayal of the “Strong Man” character is brilliant. His interpretation of a hog-like man was really depicting a metaphor for one’s thirst for power and greed. In the video, he stripped off his famous necklace/beads and bracelets.

Orange Theory’s frontwoman/bassist Cyca Leonita disclosed to about the music video. The video was filmed at AM Production Centre’s studio within a day, utilizing white and black fabrics as the background.

Cyca said the music was recorded at SRM Studio by Abhy Mu (Engineering, Mixing), Ivand Ardhy (Editing) and Yakub Kamarullah (Mixing, Mastering) in 2016.

Orange Theory was founded in 2012  by the Havanas’ guitarist Henry “Koi” Kresna, former Velice’s frontwoman Cyca Leonita at Jakarta Arts Institute. The twosome recruited Arfian Fisabil Akbar (The Havanas) as the band’s drummer.

Arfian departed in 2016 after Orange Theory released music video for “We Came Alive”, due to his commitment in work.

The video can be seen below:


Starring: Elano Gantiano
Video Production: Imaginary Moods, Juxtapict Production & Orange Theory
Producer: Asaf Kharisma
Director: Asaf Kharisma
D.O.P: Asaf Kharisma
Camera Assistant: Satyani Widosari
Gaffer: Muhammad Rasyadan
Editor: Rifqi Pramesworo
Behind the Scene Photo & Video: Lalu Ranto Satrio

Music Production: AM Production Centre
Producer: Abhy Mu
Audio Editor: Ivand Ardhy
Mixing & Mastering: Yakub Kamarullah & Abhy Mu



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