REAX to hold EP Showcase Party “From the Past”

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Jakarta death/thrash metal veteran REAX will hold a gig to support their 2016 EP From the Past.

The gig titled EP Showcase Party “From the Past” is scheduled to throw on Sunday, April 30, 2017 at Grand Charlie VHT Family Karaoke, Green Terrace Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Jakarta.

Reax was founded in 1991, then went on hiatus in 1998. The band was reformed in 2012, now consists of Bayu Suroso (bass), Deny “Apoy” Iskandar (guitars),  Joe Dayliant (drums), and Rahmadhanny “Denny” Hussein (guitars, vocals).

Read REAX’s profile here

Frontman Denny Hussein told us, the concert will showcase another six fellow well-established metal units from Jakarta to accompany REAX rocking the party. They are Corporation of Bleeding, End of Journey, Dirty Jokes, Godzilla, Protest and Rigid.

Death metal veteran Corporation of Bleeding will promote their latest promotional CD labeled Sample Track Album “Beautiful Death” (released on April 20, 2017 by Brutal Infection Records), in the dawn of their next album release.

The trio, consists of frontman Porry Chaesar, bassist Chimenz and guitarist Reno, had released two albums Blood Feast (1996) and Beautiful Death (2015) since its inception in 1994.

Renowned thrash metal unit from Jagakarsa, South Jakarta, Dirty Jokes will thrash Grand Charly with songs from their 2016 EP Envy. The band was established in 1998, now consists of Andi Thrashman (guitar/vocals), Indy Chairil (guitars), Rsdi Effendy (bass) and Rizky Alfiansyah (drums).

Jakarta-based brutal death metalller Godzilla will sport tunes from their full-length albums Permanent Insane on Disfigure Governments Mindless Ulcerate Decision (2000) and In Absentia (2010). The now-trio band, founded in 1993, is survived by Avip (bass), Novan (drums) and  Chandra (guitars).

*Update: On April 26, 2017 Denny Hussein informed us Godzilla has called off their date in the party due to vocalist issue. Tangerang-based death metal band Atrocious replaces Godzilla in the event roster.

Atrocious was founded in 2012 by guitarist Anton Setyo, now consists of Eka Pratama a.k.a Okka (vocals), Anton Setyo (guitars), Abbi Mohas (bass), and Selvianus a.k.a Iboy Coolant (drums).

To date, the band has released a full-length album Revenge of Killer in 2015 and schedules to release second album titled Killer Instinct in second quarter of 2017 under Tangerang’s independent record company DG Records.

Read Atrocious’ profile here

Post-metalcore act End of Journey probably will be the youngest band in the lineup. Founded in 2006, the band consists of Achmad Hafizullah (vocals), Elang Eka Banu (guitars), Radityo Nugroho (guitars), Revi Hendrian (bass)
and Rulis Fahlevie (drums). The flock will play their famous “Nothing”.

Metallica tribute band Rigid for sure, will entertain the crowd in Grand Charlie VHT with heavy metal and thrash metal music. The band consists of Rio (guitar/vocals), Tomu (lead guitars), Vent (drums) and Bassist (bass).

Hardcore act Protest will share the stage with other six bands.

Famous Iron Maiden tribute band Volzkid was intended to play in the very gig, but they have cancelled their appearance in the party due to an undisclosed reason. Guitarist Yarry Santiago Wungkar posted an apology in Facebook on April 23.

Famous rock emcee Agung Gele Yulianto will host the show.




Ticket is available for IDR 20K, and IDR 30K plus album From the Past.

This event will be live streamed by


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