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AMBORSINE is a brutal death metal band from Pemalang, Indonesia. Founded in Jakarta in 2013 by Rhoewat’s  guitarist Usman Aly and Semrakat’s bassist Evhanz Susanto, both from Pemalang, Central Java.

Aly and Evhanz who had been relocated to Jakarta from Pemalang, met on October 10, 2013 in Kemang, South Jakarta. They agreed to join force to form a new band playing what they called with “hyperblasting thrash metal”.

The duo invited another Pemalang’s musicians to join. Semrakat’s frontman Herry and drummer Ronggo came aboard. A new song was written titled Mutilasi Penghianat and the band started playing in gigs around Jakarta and Pemalang.

Amborsine 2013

Herry quit the band in February 2014, and pushed Aly taking over the vocal position. In April 2014 the band placed a wanted ad for new vocalist and drummer.

On July 11, 2014 Amborsine announced its new formation. Aly recruited his former band mate drummer Akhmad Dwigi Rizkiyanto from Rhoewat, and Evhanz enrolled Mohammad Abdul Ghoni a.k.a Ahong as new vocalist. Ahong had never been played in a band before.

January 2015 saw a change in the band’s direction and concept. Amborsine declared in Facebook the band had switched its concept to slamming brutal death metal.

EP Born to F*cking Slam

The band entered Pane Home Recording Studio in Pondok Gede, Jakarta in April 2015 to record single Brutal Killer and Dismembered Organs of Rotting Corpse. Brutal Killer was previewed on May 5 at Amborsine’s Soundcloud.

On May 24, Born to F*cking Slam and Object of Suffering were finalized. Born to F*cking Slam eventually was chosen as the EP title.

The recording session continued a month later, the band recorded Diam Memendam Dendam, the only song that written in Bahasa Indonesia.

All tracks were written by Aly, and lyrics by Ahong. Studio owner Pane Ardian Arief Budiman (PNG) engineered, mixed and mastered the album. The cover artwork was designed by Obscurum Artwork, while the band logo by Musthafa Kemal.

EP Born to F*cking Slam was released by Tangerang-based independent record company  DG Records on April 9, 2016. It was the first album released by Denis Suhendra and becoming the reason he established DG Records.

A launch party was thrown on May 22 at Grand Charly Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, East Jakarta featuring fellow bands like Krematist, Atrocious, Disgusting Castigation, Effigy, Bosas, Effigy, etc.

The album received positive reviews from some webzines and metal enthusiasts.


Recent Development

On June 11, 2016 Amborsine released announcement about writing new material, and subsequently the band commenced working with Muhammad Ridho (Infitar) at Gubuckgore Record, Bogor to record new materials for future album. A new single titled Blast Propensity was released on October 17, 2016.

Bekasi-based independent record company Limited Blasting Production announced on December 24, 2016
December 24, 2016 the label had secured a deal with Amborsine to release their next album. The upcoming album title and artwork were revealed by the label on January 11, 2017. The album is to be titled Torture To Pleasure.

LBP’s owner Hamdani stated in his Facebook Amborsine’s next album will be released in 2018.

On April 25, 2017, Amborsine unleashed a new song titled Destroying Abdominal With Savagery in Youtube. The artwork and album title Torture to Pleasure were shown in the clip.


Amborsine is taken from the Greek meaning eternal.

Usman Aly in his interview with cited Cerebral Effusion, Inveracity and Epicardiectomy as the band’s main influences. Even though the band’s members live in Jakarta, Aly stated the band is preferred to be called band from Pemalang.



Usman Aly – guitars (2013 – present)
Evhanz Susanto – bass (2013 – present)
Akhmad Dwigi Rizkiyanto – drums (2014 – present)
Mohammad Abdul Ghoni – vocals (2014 – present)


Herry – vocals (2013 – 2014)
Ronggo – drums (2013 – 2014)


2016 – EP Born to F*cking Slam (DG Records, Tangerang)
2016 – Single Blast Propensity (Self-released)


Facebook: Amborsine
Revernation: Amborsine2
Instagram: @amborsine.iddm
Youtube: Amborsine Official
Booking: +62 897-1041-615



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